The Academy Day

The typical working day at the Academy runs from 8.45AM to 3.15PM. We would advise you not to send your child to the Academy more than 10 minutes before 8.45AM. The Breakfast Club takes place before the working day starts. All children are welcome to attend and this runs from 7.30AM to 8.45AM each weekday. Please contact us for more information about the Breakfast Club.

Here is a breakdown of how the Academy day is structured:

  • Morning Session
    8.45AM – 11.45AM (EYFS)
    8.45AM – 12.00PM (Infants)
    8.45AM – 12.15PM (Juniors)
  • Afternoon Session
    12.45PM – 3.15PM (EYFS)
    12.45PM – 3.15PM (Infants)
    1.00PM – 3.15PM (Juniors)

Breaks & Lunchtimes

We provide a 15 minute breakfast break for the children (Infants 10.45AM – 11.00AM, Juniors 11.00AM – 11.15AM). The lunchtime break runs from 11.45AM (EYFS 11.45AM – 12.45PM, Infants 12.00PM – 12.45PM, Juniors 12.15PM – 13.00PM).  There is also a 15 minute afternoon break for the children (Infants 1.45PM – 2:00PM, Juniors 2:00PM – 2.15PM).